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Background information
Name StrifeEmote.png Andy Dinh
Team VQ.png vanQuish
Alternate IDs
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United States
Livestream Twitch
Facebook [ Facebook Fanpage]
Twitter <followbutton count="0">Strife_vQ</followbutton>
Team History
Adversity.png aDversity
Elevate.png eLevate
Current VQ.png vanQuish
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Andy Strife Dinh is a player for VQ.png vanQuish in the
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United States.


Strife started gaming as a small child with Pokemon, soon Strife stumbled upon Xbox around Halo 2. Strife found out about competitive Call of Duty early and quickly. Strife would constantly grind MLG.png MLG Free For Alls, competitive tourneys and much more just solemnly out of passion and good fun. Strife first got into competitive Call of Duty by watching EnvyUs.png EnVyUs play Fear.png FeaR at the beginning of COD4.png Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Watching teams like Fear.png FeaR and EnvyUs.png EnVyUs has inspired Strife to play Game Battles and pursue competitive Call of Duty.


  • Strife's favorite Call of Duty is COD4.png Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  • Strife lives by the motto "Live healthy, live smart and stay humble."
  • Strife got his alias from Cloud Strife, the character from Final Fantasy 7. Strife said, "He thought "strife" was a really dope noun, definition and went with it ever since."
  • Strife's most memorable in Call of Duty was playing Optic.png OpTic Gaming on main stage and beating them at MLG.png MLG Fall Championship with Optic.png OpTic Gaming being the fan favorite.


Date Game Event Team Placing Prize
06/30/2013 BOPS2.png Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 MLG.png MLG Spring Championship eXcess 2525th $0
11/24/2013 Ghosts.png Call of Duty: Ghosts MLG.png MLG Fall Championship Adversity.png aDversity 099th 9th $0
01/05/2013 Ghosts.png Call of Duty: Ghosts UMG.png UMG Philadelphia Elevate.png eLevate T8.png 8th $0