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Background information
Name Schillez.png Kale Schille
Team Wild.png WiLD
Alternate IDs
Country Canada.png Canada
Livestream Twitch
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Team History
Tva.png Tva
Vanquish.png vanQuish
Denial.png Denial
Current Wild.png WiLD
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Kale "Schillez" Schille is a professional Call of Duty player for Wild.png WiLD in Canada.png Canada.


In May 2007 Schillez played a game called Shadowrun, he was noticed in a public match by a GB.png Game Battles admin who made him aware of the site He had no clue what competitive gaming was at the time and decided that it would be fun to compete on a ladder in a team atmosphere, so he gave it a try. Schillez quickly climbed to the top of the ranks on the Team Ladder and he loved playing to win. Later that year he picked up COD4.png Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare with his real life friends and introduced them to GB. Although he played on GB.png Game Battle, he only made the switch to playing MLG.png MLG settings in the later half of MW2.


  • One of Schillez's favorite moments in his career is winning UMG.png UMG Dallas. He felt awesome being on main stage for pretty much the whole event and destroying every team there.
  • Schillez got into competitive gaming because he missed the competitiveness of playing sports like Hockey and Box Lacrosse.


Date Game Event Team Placing Team Prize
03/17/2013 BOPS2.png Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 MLG.png MLG Dallas Hysteria.png Hysteria T20.png 17th $0
06/30/2013 BOPS2.png Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 MLG.png MLG Anaheim Tva.png Tva T12.png 9th $0
08/11/2013 BOPS2.png Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 UMG.png UMG Atlanta MRKN.png MRKN T8.png 5th $0
10/20/2013 BOPS2.png Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 UMG.png UMG Dallas Vanquish.png vanQuish Gold.png 1st $10,000
11/24/2013 Ghosts.png Call of Duty: Ghosts MLG.png MLG Columbus Vanquish.png vanQuish T8.png 7th $1,000