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Background information
Name Mochila.png Steve Canle
Team Curse.png Curse Black
Alternate IDs
Country USA.png United States
Birthday 03/29/1994
Livestream Twitch
Facebook [ Facebook Fanpage]
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Team History
Force.png Force
Notorious.png Notorious
EgirlSlayers.png eGirl Slayers
Curse.png Curse NY
Current Curse.png Curse Black
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Steve "Mochila" Canle is a professional Call of Duty Player, currently playing for Curse.png Curse Black, in the USA.png United States.


Mochila is from San Antonio, Texas and started playing video games around the age of 15 playing Search and Destroy on COD4.png Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.


  • A close friend in real life showed him GameBattles and he thought it was fun.
  • Mochila's favorite moment in his career is a 1v2 against Force.png Force at nationals 5-5 map 11 for top 8. 5 seconds left and he jumped out into the middle of the map and destroyed both of the opposing members left on their team.
  • he has a bigger ego then aches and has won nothing killa made more from snd then mochila in his whole live


Date Game Event Team Placing Prize
08/28/2011 BOPS.png Call of Duty: Black Ops MLG.png MLG Raleigh Force.png Force T8.png 5th $500
11/20/2011 BOPS.png Call of Duty: Black Ops MLG.png MLG National Championship 2011 Notorious.png Notorious T8.png 7th $1,250
01/05/2014 Ghosts.png Call of Duty: Ghosts UMG.png UMG Philadelphia EgirlSlayers.png eGirl Slayers T8.png 5th $250
02/07/2014 Ghosts.png Call of Duty: Ghosts MLG.png Call of Duty Winter Invitational Curse.png Curse NY 077th 7th $0