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Team information
Location Fr.png France
Manager Remy "Llewellys" Chanson
Website Millenium eSports
Livestream LowAn's Livestream
Facebook [ Facebook Fanpage]
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Number of Players
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Millenium.png Millenium was launched in 2000 (Therefore the name was "Millenium"), with the aim of establishing themselves as one of the leading brand names in the eSports community. Millenium is based throughout Fr.png France and has achieved the highest possible results in a variety of games such as Counter Strike, Star Craft 2, League of Legends etc.

With their philosophy of having teams consisting of players all over EU.png Europe, they are given the opportunity to showcase their talents to the world under the Millenium.png Millenium brand both online and at major eSports events around the globe. All their players are under contract, allowing them to evolve in a steady and full time environment, ensuring performance and professionalism.

Player Roster


Region Alias Name Role Pro Points
Fr.png LowAn Loann Graniczny AR.png  ?
Fr.png TJs Cedric R. SMG.png  ?
Fr.png Chewyy Anthony Langlet SMG.png  ?
Fr.png Zeroo Valentin Langlet SMG.png  ?


Region Alias Name Role Next Team
Fr.png LowAn Loann Graniczny AR.png Ascentia.png Ascentia
Fr.png Gotaga Corentin Houssein SMG.png Vitality.png Vitality.Rises
Fr.png bLue Samir SMG.png Vitality.png Vitality.Rises
Fr.png rskN Clément Hattée SMG.png Vitality.png Vitality.Rises
Fr.png BroKeN Kevin G. SMG-AR.png Vitality.png Vitality.Rises
Fr.png Oxygen  ? AR.png FA.png Free Agent
Be.png Agonie Maxime Di Falco SMG.png Vitality.png Vitality.Returns
Fr.png Krnage Jordy M. AR.png Vitality.png Vitality.Rises
UK.png Tommey Tom Trewren AR.png Epsilon.png Epsilon
Fr.png ZylewR  ? AR.png FA.png Free Agent
Fr.png Zayrox Arthur Chabas SMG-AR.png Epsilon.png Epsilon.Youth
Fr.png TJs Cedric R. SMG-AR.png Ascentia.png Ascentia
Fr.png mAxxie Maxime Ebran AR.png Bangbang.png BangBang