MLG Championship Anaheim

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MLG Championship Anaheim
MLG Pro Circuit.png
Organization MLG.png MLG
Date 06/20/2014 - 06/22/2014
Country USA.png USA
Event type LAN
Total teams 11 Pro; 192 Amateur
Prize pool $80,000
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MLG Championship Anaheim took place in Anaheim, California from June 20th to June 22nd. The event was the first event that utilised MLG's new format which has split the Pro teams from the Amateur teams into two separate brackets with two separate prize pools.



Prize Pool

Pro Bracket/Season 2 Playoffs

Place Prize Team Roster
011st 1st $25,000 EvilGeniuses.png Evil Geniuses USA.png Aches USA.png TeePee USA.png Crimsix Canada.png Karma
022nd 2nd $10,000 Optic.png OpTic Gaming USA.png Nadeshot USA.png Clayster USA.png Scump USA.png ProoFy
033rd 3rd $6,000 TCM.png TCM UK.png MarkyB UK.png Moose UK.png GunShy UK.png Peatie
044th 4th $5,000 Curse.png Curse Black USA.png Tipsy USA.png Burnsoff USA.png Mochila USA.png Enable
055th 5th $4,000 FazeBlack.png FaZe Black USA.png Censor USA.png Dedo USA.png Formal USA.png Saints
066th 6th $4,000 NV.png EnVyUs USA.png MerK USA.png Nameless USA.png StuDyy USA.png Parasite
077th 7th $3,500 Epsilon.png Epsilon Ire.png Jurd UK.png Swanny UK.png Tommey UK.png Joshh
088th 8th $3,500 TK.png Team KaLiBeR USA.png Sharp USA.png Goonjar USA.png Neslo USA.png Apathy
099th 9th $3,000 Curse.png Curse AU Australia.png Iskatuu Australia.png Chilean Australia.png Denz Australia.png Damage
1010th 10th $3,000 FaZeRed.png FaZe Red USA.png Replays USA.png Classic USA.png JKap USA.png Theory
1111th 11th $3,000 Denial.png Denial USA.png Legal USA.png VeXeD USA.png ZooMaa USA.png NoXiDe

Open/Season 3 Play In Bracket

Place Prize Team Roster
011st 1st $3,000 Optic.png OpTic Nation USA.png MBoZe USA.png MiRx USA.png KiLLa USA.png Ricky
022nd 2nd $2,600 Rise.png Rise USA.png Pacman USA.png Whea7s USA.png Loony USA.png Saint
033rd 3rd $2,300 Elevate.png eLevate USA.png Nifty USA.png Gucci USA.png Chino UK.png MadCat
044th 4th $2,100 Justus.png JusTus USA.png Doubt USA.png Blfire USA.png Sin USA.png TwiZz

Note:These 4 teams will also move up into the Call of Duty League Season 3