Gfinity III

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Gfinity III
Organization Gfinity.png Gfinity
Date 08/02/2014 - 08/03/2014
Country UK.png UK
Event type LAN
Total teams 12
Prize pool $55,000

Gfinity III will take place in the UK.png United Kingdom from the 2nd to the 3rd of August in the Copperbox Arena in Olympic Park, London. The tournament will be played on the Xbox One and there will be four groups of 3 teams. The top two teams in each group will advance to a single elimination bracket. The prize pool for the tournament will be $55,000.



  • 12 Teams split into 4 groups of 3 teams
  • All matches will be a best of 5 series
  • The top 2 teams in each group advances
  • 2 losses in group play will result in elimination
  • Each advancing team's position in their respective groups will determine their bracket seeding
  • There will be a single elimination bracket for the advancing teams

Game Modes

The 3 game modes being played will consist of Domination, Search & Destroy, and Blitz. The maps for each game mode are as follows:

Domination Search & Destroy Blitz


EvilGeniuses.png Evil Geniuses

Optic.png OpTic Gaming

Optic2.png OpTic Nation

NV.png EnVyUs

FaZeRed.png FaZe

Curse.png Curse

TK.png Team Kaliber

Epsilon.png Epsilon


Infused.png Infused

Exertus.png Exertus

Vitality.png Vitality

Group Play


Match Teams Score
Group A - Match 1 Epsilon vs Exertus 3-0
Group D - Match 1 Infused vs Evil Geniuses 0-3
Group C - Match 1 TCM vs FaZe 0-3
Group B - Match 1 Vitality vs EnVyUs 0-3
Group A - Match 2 Epsilon vs Curse 3-0
Group D - Match 2 Team Kaliber vs Evil Geniuses 3-1
Group C - Match 2 OpTic Gaming vs Vitality 3-0
Group B - Match 2 Exertus vs Curse 2-3
Group A - Match 3 TCM vs OpTic Nation 0-3
Group D - Match 3 OpTic Gaming vs EnVyUs 0-3
Group C - Match 3 Infused vs Team Kaliber 0-3
Group B - Match 3 OpTic Nation vs FaZe 1-3
Match Teams Score
Quarter-final #1 Epsilon vs OpTic Gaming 3-2
Quarter-final #2 EnVyUs vs Curse 3-0
Quarter-final #3 Team Kaliber vs OpTic Nation 0-3
Quarter-final #4 FaZe vs Evil Geniuses 3-0
Semi-final #1 EnVyUs vs OpTic Nation 3-1
Semi-final #2 Epsilon vs FaZe 3-1
Grand Final EnVyUs vs Epsilon 3-0

Prize Pool

A total of $55,000 will be dispersed among the top 4 teams as follows:

Place Prize Team Roster
011st 1st $30,000 NV.png EnVyUs USA.png MerK, USA.png NameLeSs, USA.png JKap, USA.png FormaL
022nd 2nd $15,000 Epsilon.png Epsilon Ire.png Jurd, UK.png Swanny, UK.png Joshh, UK.png Tommey
033rd 3rd $5,000 FaZeRed.png FaZe USA.png Censor, USA.png Dedo, USA.png Apathy, USA.png Parasite
044th 4th $5,000 Optic.png OpTic Nation USA.png MBoZe, USA.png Killa, USA.png MiRx, USA.png Ricky
5th-8th $0 EvilGeniuses.png Evil Geniuses USA.png ACHES, USA.png TeePee, USA.png Crimsix, Canada.png Karma
TK.png Team Kaliber USA.png Sharp, USA.png Theory, USA.png Neslo, Canada.png Goonjar
Optic.png OpTic Gaming USA.png NaDeSHoT, USA.png Scump, USA.png Clayster, USA.png ProoFy
Curse.png Curse USA.png Burnsoff, USA.png Enable, USA.png Mochila, USA.png Crowster
9th-12th $0 TCM.png TCM UK.png MarkyB, UK.png Moose, UK.png GunShy, UK.png Peatie
Exertus.png Exertus UK.png Rated, UK.png Robz, UK.png Reedy, UK.png Enduraaa
Infused.png Infused UK.png Joocy, UK.png Luke, UK.png Joee, UK.png NeCRoMe
Vitality.png Vitality Fr.png Gotaga, Fr.png BroKeN, Fr.png Krnage, Fr.png rskN

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