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Location Spain.png Spain
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G2.png Gamers2 currently resides in Spain.png Spain.


Gamers2 is a World Premier eSports Club founded in November, 2013 by Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez, a former star player of the original League of Legends team. Carlos now serves as Managing Director of the club, which currently includes professional teams in LoL.jpg League of Legends, CSGO.png Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, HOTS.png Heroes of the Storm and Callofduty.png Call of Duty.

Our club’s headquarters are based in the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain – home of 19 million gamers and one of the fastest growing markets in Europe. The club acquired a mansion early on, for what is now the home of next generation community interaction. Some of our players and managers have relocated to work under one roof, where we continuously aim to be the most accessible eSports organisation worldwide to our dedicated and loyal fans.

The vision to be a market leader in community interaction stems from a concrete, pre-existing support network our players have built. We enter the $70.4 billion marketplace where our player portfolios collectively have streamed to over 21,000,000 individuals, well exceeds 500,000 visits a month through their web portals and have built a social media loyalty much larger than the majority of eSports teams - with over 750.000 Facebook fans and over 200.000 Twitter followers. Our players have worked collaboratively with top tier brands; ozone, G2A, Kingston & Alienware, and have produced a dynamic merchandise portfolio ranging from clothing to gaming accessories.

Gamers 2 was built with a true love for bringing innovation to the industry whilst upholding our core values of professionalism, unrivalled dedication and always having the community at the heart of our decisions. The club now has a management team which covers over a decade of industry experience. This allows us to challenge the status quo and be truly innovative. Our ultimate goal is to lift the industry to a new standard and leave a legacy for others to follow.

Player Roster


Former Players

Region Alias Name Role
Spain.png Spain Lgend Carlos Pereiras Slayer
Spain.png Spain MethodZ Jorge Bancells Support
Spain.png Spain TojoR Toni Jorda Slayer
Spain.png Spain Inven Alejandro Martin OBJ
Region Alias Name Role Next Team
Spain.png Spain JK7 Juan Carlos OBJ FA.png Free Agent


Date Game Event Placing Prize
3/28/2015 AW.png Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare COD-Champs2015.png Call of Duty Championship 2015 1313th 13th $0
5/10/15 AW.png Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Gfinity.png Gfinity Spring Masters 1 1313th 13th $0