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Team information
Location UK.png United Kingdom / Fr.png France
Coach "Dinge"
Website Epsilon eSports
Facebook [ Facebook Fanpage]
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Epsilon.png Epsilon currently resides in the UK.png United Kingdom. They are regarded as the most popular European Call of Duty Console team, and have dominated the European scene since 2013. They had the first Youth Team Fr.png France observing not only eSports results but school results in parallel. The Youth team made a very strong show at their first offline event FCO finishing 2nd, but eventually dropped due to a mixture of results.


Epsilon.png Epsilon eSports was launched in February 2008 with the aim of establishing ourselves as one of the leading brand names in the world of eSports. Epsilon.png Epsilon is based throughout Europe and have achieved the highest possible results in a variety of games such as Counter Strike Series, Battlefield Series, CoD Series, and Team Fortress 2.

The team consists of players all over Europe, they are given the opportunity to showcase their talents to the world under the Epsilon.png Epsilon brand both online and at major eSports events around the globe. All the players are under contract, allowing them to evolve in a steady and full time environment, ensuring performance and professionalism.

Epsilon.png Epsilon CoD Placings -

Date Event Position
March 31st 2013 EGL 9 011st 1st
May 19th 2013 Skylan 011st 1st
June 5th 2013 WGL Astro Cup 011st 1st
October 13th 2013 Gfinity II 022nd 2nd
October 27th 2013 EGL 11 022nd 2nd
November 3rd 2013 ESWC 033rd 3rd
November 30th 2013 I-Series 50 022nd 2nd
March 30th 2014 Call of Duty Championship World Finals T8.png 9th-12th
August 3rd 2014 DreamHack Valencia 011st 1st
August 3rd 2014 Gfinity III 022nd 2nd
August 30th 2014 Multiplay i52 011st 1st
September 2nd EGL 12 011st 1st
November 27th 2013 EGL 13 011st 1st
December 2nd 2014 Multiplay i53 011st 1st
January 2015 AM2PRO 011st 1st
March 2015 Gfinity European Championships 011st 1st
April 2015 Gfinity Open 011st 1st
April 2015 Anicend 011st 1st

Player Roster

Epsilon 2015

Region Alias Name Role Pro Points
UK.png Swanny SwannyEmote.png Callum Swan SMG-ARSMG-AR 67,216
US Royalty Matt Faithful SMG-ARSMG-AR 67,216
US Remy Remington Ihringer SMGSMG 16,690
US Nagafen Jared Harrell SMGSMG 16,690|}


Epsilon 2014

Region Alias Name Role Pro Points
Ire.gif Jurd Jordan Crowley SMG-ARSMG-AR 67,290
UK.png Swanny SwannyEmote.png Callum Swan SMG-ARSMG-AR 67,216
UK.png Tommey Tom Trewren ARAR 69, 235
UK.png Joshh JoshhEmote.png Joshua-Lee Shephard SMGSMG 16,690

Epsilon 2013

Region Alias Name Role Pro Points
Ire.gif Jurd Jordan Crowley SMG-ARSMG-AR 67,290
UK.png Shane Shane McKerral SMGSMG 67,216
UK.png Xanity Jay ARAR 69, 235
UK.png MadCat JoshhEmote.png Dylan Daly SMGSMG 16,690


Region Alias Name Role Pro Points
Fr.png Carbon Ronan Hussein SMGSMG 2,600
Fr.png WiizR Rémi P. ARAR 2,000
Fr.png Zayrox Arthur Chabas SMGSMG 14,155
Fr.png Banger Jonathan Sousa SMG-ARSMG-AR  ?