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Background information
Name Paul Megna
Team FA.png Free Agent
Alternate IDs
Country United States
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Birthday 05/01/1985
Livestream Twitch
Facebook [ Facebook Fanpage]
Twitter <followbutton count="0">eGoTheIcoN</followbutton>
Team History
Icons.png Icons
Current FA.png DeVoid Gaming
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Paul "eGo" Megna is a Call of Duty veteran and plays in the
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United States.


Ego is a veteran Call of Duty player, who started playing competitive video games all the way back in 1998. He has placed highly at numerous LANs and online tournaments and has coached numerous teams to success.


  • Ego started playing competitive video games in 1998 playing a game called Splatterball, which lead him to create a site with 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4 battles.
  • Ego's favorite Call of Duty title is World at War.
  • His favorite moment was seeing the two teams he sponsored go head-to-head in the finals of a tournament, but is also very close to finishing 3rd at Call of Duty: XP, taking home $125,000.