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Team information
Location USA.png United States
Website eLevate eSports
Facebook Facebook Fanpage
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Elevate.png eLevate currently resides in USA.png United States


Elevate.png eLevate started after Miyagi got released from MRKN.png MRKN. Slasher and Cali left MRKN.png MRKN to join Miyagi. Miyagi has known Elevate.png eLevate since MLG.png MLG Anaheim and asked them to sponsor his team consisting of Miyagi, Conker, Cali and Slasher for the end of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 season. Before MLG.png MLG Columbus, Slasher said he could not go and Cali decided to take a break. Upon Cali and Slasher not being able to make it to MLG.png MLG Columbus, Miyagi and Conker had to find two players to team with, so they had picked up Plu7o and Mutaysean. Three days before MLG.png MLG Columbus, Plu7o and Mutaysean decided to leave the team forcing Miyagi and Conker to find two more players for MLG.png MLG Columbus. Miyagi and Conker picked up Shock and Kalani for MLG.png MLG Columbus and ended up placing top 13. Right after MLG.png MLG Columbus, Miyagi decided to leave the team forcing the Elevate.png elevate roster back down to Slasher and Conker. Slasher and Conker needed two, so they started scrimmaging with Strife and Attach. Attach came from Termination and Strife came from Adversity.png aDversity. Slasher and Conker picked up Strife and Attach and began scrimmaging with them. Upon Elevate.png elevate picking up Attach and Strife as their 3rd and 4th players, Miyagi wanted to team with Strife. Miyagi had then confronted Strife about teaming with them, so Elevate.png eLevate scrimmaged with Miyagi. Upon scrimmaging with Miyagi as Elevate.png eLevate's 4th player, Conker found out and had left Elevate.png eLevate saying that Miyagi could take his spot as Elevate.png eLevate's 4th player. After the COD-Champs2014.png Call of Duty Championship 2014 Elevate.png eLevate decided to take a break from competitive Call of Duty for a while and drop their whole roster. After about 2 months later they finally created a roster including Nifty, Gucci, Chino and MadCat.

Player Roster


Region Alias Name Role Pro Points
USA.png Nifty NiftyEmote.png Noah Francis SMGSMG 4,515
USA.png Gucci GucciEmote.png Hadi Chreidi ARAR 14,980
USA.png Chino ChinoEmote.png Martin J. Chino ARAR 22,280
UK.png MadCat MadcatEmote.png Dylan Daly SMG-ARSMG-AR 36,890