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Organization EGL.png EGL
Date 2014
Country UK.png United Kingdom
Event type LAN
Total teams 67
Prize pool £6,500

EGL 12

Thus, EGL will return in organizing LANs CoD 3 and 4 May next. LAN will be held in Sheffield, South of England, which should enable the participants to get out there more easily. In addition, tickets for participating teams are already available at this address! Information about the cashprize, commentators who will be present and the sponsors of the event to be determined. As a reminder, the last two were won by EGL Infused in grand final against Millenium then against Epsilon. The structure and the players currently being increasingly linked, the debates are restarted.

Prize Pool

Place Prize Team Roster
011st 1st £2,925 Epsilon.png Epsilon Ire.gif Jurd, UK.png Swanny, UK.png Tommey, UK.png Joshh
022nd 2nd £1,625 TCM.png TCM UK.png MarkyB, UK.png Moose, UK.png GunShy, UK.png Peatie
033rd 3rd £975 Reign.png Reign UK.png DEVR, UK.png Joee, UK.png Reece, UK.png Joocy
044th 4th £650 Vitality.png Vitality.Rises Fr.png Gotaga, Fr.png BroKeN, Fr.png Krnage, Fr.png rskN
055th 5th £325 Exertus.png Exertus UK.png PuFecto, UK.png Vizz, UK.png Swiftz, UK.png Storer