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Place TEAM Record Win % Map W/L Map W/L%
1 Faze.png FaZe Black 2-0 100% 6-1 85,71%
1 SB.png Strictly Business 2-0 100% 6-1 85,71%
3 Erupt.jpg Erupt 2-0 100% 6-2 75%
4 Optic.png OpTic Gaming 2-0 100% 6-3 66,67%
5 NV.jpg EnVyUs 2-0 100% 6-4 60%
6 Curse.png Curse Orange 1-1 50% 4-3 57,14%
7 Complexity.png compLexity 1-1 50% 3-3 50%
8 Justus.png Justus 0-2 0% 2-6 25%
8 Curse.png Curse Black 0-2 0% 2-6 25%
8 Faze.png FaZe Red 0-2 0% 2-6 25%
11 TK.png Team KaLiBeR 0-2 0% 1-6 14.29%
11 Vexx-revenge.png VexX 0-2 0% 1-6 14,29%

Place TEAM Record Win % Map W/L Map W/L%
1 Epsilon.png Epsilon 1-0 100% 3-0 100%
2 LP.png TYT.LP 1-0 100% 3-1 66%
2 Erupt.jpg Erupt.Intensity 1-0 100% 3-1 66%
4 TCM.png TCM 1-0 100% 3-2 60%
5 Infused.png Team Infused 0-1 0% 2-3 40%
6 Vitality.png Vitality.Rises 0-1 0% 1-3 33%
6 SK.png SK Gaming 0-1 0% 1-3 33%

RANK TEAM Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Total
1 Complexity.png compLexity Player ACHES Crimsix TeePee Karma
Points 44,700 42,675 42,600 36,185 166,160
2 TCM.png TCM Player MarkyB Moose GunShy Flux
Points 33,485 34,840 32,080 38,415 138,820
3 Epsilon.png Epsilon Player Tommey Jurd Joshh Swanny
Points 37,235 36,465 10,515 35,665 119,880
4 Optic.png OpTic Nation Player MBoZe MiRx KiLLa Ricky
Points 25,435 27,535 37,785 26,810 117,565
5 TK.png Team KaLiBeR Player Sharp Goonjar Neslo Apathy
Points 30,785 29,365 28,125 18,650 106,925
6 NV.jpg EnVyUs Player MerK NameLeSs Parasite StuDyy
Points 20,645 25,825 25,760 19,780 92,010
7 Faze.png FaZe Red Player Replays Classic JKap Theory
Points 20,160 20,010 18,420 29,425 88,015
8 Optic.png OpTic Gaming Player NaDeSHoT Clayster ProoFy Scump
Points 20,930 29,190 19,475 17,150 86,745
9 SB.png Strictly Business Player Methodz Stainville SpaceLy John
Points 26,275 14,650 23,115 15,790 79,830
10 Curse.png Curse Orange Player Attach Miyagi Muddawg Crowster
Points 27,985 23,135 14,825 11,775 77,720
11 Faze.png FaZe Black Player Dedo Formal Saints Censor
Points 17,725 16,890 18,140 17,725 70,140
12 Wild-gaming.png WiLD Player Demented Phaze Wolf Chino
Points 15,775 20,175 15,010 18,305 69,265
13 Exertus.png Exertus Player PuFecto Vizz Swift Reedy
Points 16,815 16,885 15,915 17,940 67,555
14 Vicious Player TJHaly NoXiDe Bloodz Accuracy
Points 28,025 16,175 14,365 7,880 66,445
15 Erupt.jpg Erupt Player PRPLXD Legal VeXeD ZooMaa
Points 11,980 11,690 20,600 19,540 63,810
16 Vexx-revenge.png VexX Player Slacked Slasher Pluto Huhdle
Points 13,205 19,990 14,425 13,950 61,570
17 VVv.png vVv Player Realize Diabolic Flawless Sender
Points 19,055 12,745 16,505 10,405 58,710
18 Justus.png Justus Player TwiZz Doubt SinfuL Blfire
Points 13,965 12,675 17,180 13,450 57,270
19 Curse.png Curse Black Player Burnsoff Tipsy Enable Mochila
Points 14,300 15,560 14,990 12.050 56,900
20 Infused.png Infused Player Momo Peatie JTee Watson
Points 15,865 14,725 12,890 7,075 50,555
21 SK.png SK Gaming Player QxiCky RocKzz Kivii MacMiLiX
Points 15,775 15,305 16,030 325 47,435
22 Fuse.png Fuse Player Historify MoTi Thing2 Trojan
Points 15,090 11,785 11,435 7,255 45,565
23 Vitality.png Vitality.Rises Player Gotaga Broken Krnage Riskin
Points 12,425 11,750 12,350 6,255 42,780
24 Orbit.png Orbit.UK Player endurAAA Jake Lewis Jacko
Points 14,500 9,995 7,725 7,425 39,645
25 Elevate.png eLevate.Black Player Complex Felonies Fatalize Nifty
Points 13,520 7,145 6,590 4,515 31,770
26 Rise.png Rise Player FEARS Whea7s Pacman Loony
Points 10,450 11,050 400 400 22,300
27 Erupt.jpg Erupt.Intensity Player ReaLiZe Robz Wonder MeLo
Points 6,570 6,045 5,080 4,100 21,795
28 LP.png TYT.LP Player ShAnE Crads QwiKeR Benny
Points 6,675 3,825 3,625 3,500 17,625
29 VQ.png VanQuish Player Kozmo Facce ColeChan Snipedown
Points 6,030 3,340  ? 4,620 13,990

April 20th
GamersA.jpeg Gamers Assembly 011st 1st Vitality.png Vitality.Rises, 022nd 2nd Tigers.jpeg Tigers, 033rd 3rd Inmunity.png Inmunity Gaming
April 18th
VVv.png vVv Gaming VVv.png vVv Gaming forms their new roster: Realize, Diabolic, Flawless & Sender
April 17th
Vitality.png Vitality.Returns Vitality.png Vitality.Returns is released, only leaving Vitality.png Vitality.Rises
April 16th
TK.png Team KaLiBeR MadCat will be replacing Apathy for TK.png Team KaLiBeR during UGC Niagara.png UGC Niagara
April 15th
Justus.png Justus Justus.png Justus' new roster for MLG.png MLG Season 2 is: Doubt, SinfuL, TwiZz & Blfire
Curse.png Curse The two Curse.png Curse teams will now consist of Curse Black and Curse Orange with Tipsy for Captain of Curse Black & Miyagi for Captain of Curse Orange
SB.png Strictly Business Stainville join SB.png Strictly Business
Optic.png OpTic Nation KiLLa & MiRx join Optic.png OpTic Nation with MBoZe and Ricky
SB.png Strictly Business Ricky leaves SB.png Strictly Business
Justus.png Justus Stainville, KiLLa & MiRx left Justus.png Justus
Faze.png FaZe Black Dedo joins Faze.png FaZe Black
TK.png Team KaLiBeR Neslo joins TK.png Team KaLiBeR
TK.png Team KaLiBeR Dedo leaves TK.png Team KaLiBeR
April 14th
NV.jpg EnVyUs Parasite joins NV.jpg EnVyUs
Faze.png FaZe Black Parasite leaves Faze.png FaZe Black
NV.jpg EnVyUs Rambo moves from active player on the NV.jpg EnVyUs lineup to coach
Curse.png Curse After releasing Curse.png Curse Fire, Curse.png Curse announces the release of both Diabolic and Realize from Curse.png Curse Youth and replaces them with Crowster and Muddawg which leaves Sin to become a free agent
Curse.png Curse MLG.png MLG announces only 2 teams per organization can be represented in Season 2, resulting in Curse.png Curse Fire being dropped
Faze.png FaZe Black Parasite joins Faze.png FaZe Black
Optic.png OpTic Gaming ProoFy joins Optic.png OpTic Gaming
Optic.png OpTic MBoZe switches from Optic.png OpTic Gaming to Optic.png OpTic Nation
Optic.png OpTic Optic.png OpTic has been divided into 2 teams, Optic.png OpTic Gaming & Optic.png OpTic Nation
Faze.png FaZe Black ProoFy leaves Faze.png FaZe Black
April 13th
TK.png Team Kaliber Due to other obligations, Apathy is unable to attend UMG.png UMG Niagra, Parasite announces he will be playing in his spot for the event.
Curse.png Curse Parasite leaves Curse.png Curse. Burnsoff takes his place, Curse.png Curse Fire is forced to look for one.
MLG.png MLG PAX East 011st 1st Complexity.png compLexity, 022nd 2nd SB.png Strictly Business, 033rd 3rd Curse.png Curse LV, 044th 4th NV.jpg EnVyUs
April 11th
MLG.png MLG Any recent team changes will not be applied for MLG.png MLG PAX East
TCM.png TCM Flux returns to TCM.png TCM
April 10th
Epsilon.png Epsilon Flux has been released from Epsilon.png Epsilon & replaced with Joshh
TEC.png TEC Intensity TEC Intensity's roster becomes Erupt.jpg Erupt's new team to become Erupt.jpg Erupt.Intensity.
April 9th
SB.png Strictly Business SB.png Strictly Business forms their new roster: SpaceLy, Methodz, John & Ricky
SK.png SK Gaming MacMiLiX & Kivi leave SK.png SK Gaming
LP.png Lightning Pandas LP.png Lightning Pandas acquires TYT.png TYT's original roster ShAnE, Crads, Benny & QwiKeR
TCM.png TCM MadCat leaves TCM.png TCM
April 8th
Curse.png Curse NY Curse.png Curse NY renames to Curse.png Curse Fire. The remaining AOE.jpg aoX Gaming members Crowster, Muddawg, and Sin join Burns to complete the roster
Justus.png Justus MiRx and Killa join Justus.png Justus
Curse.png Curse LV Curse.png Curse LV renames to just Curse.png Curse. Tipsy, Enable, and Mochila join Parasite to complete the roster
TK.png Team Kaliber Dedo & Apathy join TK.png Team KaLiBeR
TK.png Team KaLiBeR Methodz is released from TK.png Team KaLiBeR
AOE.jpg aoX Gaming Doubt leaves AOE.jpg aoX Gaming
April 6th
Millenium.jpg Millenium Riskin leaves Millenium.jpg Millenium & joins Vitality.png Vitality.Rises
Vitality.png Vitality.Rises bLue leaves Vitality.png Vitality.Rises
Orbit.png Orbit.UK Jake joins Orbit.png Orbit.UK
April 5th
Faze.png FaZe Faze.png FaZe has now been divided into 2 teams, Faze.png FaZe Red & Faze.png FaZe Black. New roster for Faze.png FaZe Red is: Replays, Classic, JKap & Theory. The new roster for Faze.png FaZe Black is: ProoFy, Formal, Saints & Censor
SB.png Strictly Business SB.png Strictly Business's roster has been disbanded
Millenium.jpg Millenium Tonyjaaa joins Millenium.jpg Millenium
Denial.png Denial Denial.png Denial new roster Lyar , TwiZz , Blfire , & LynXx
Xfinity.png Xfinity Xfinity.png Xfinity rebrands as AOE.jpg aoX
April 3rd
TYT.png TYT ShAnE joins TYT.png Team You Tube eSports
April 2nd
Curse.png Curse NY Blfire leaves Curse.png Curse NY
Orbit.png Orbit.UK BounCe leaves Orbit.png Orbit.UK
April 1st
Curse.png Curse Youth Miyagi joins Curse.png Curse Youth
TK.png Team Kaliber Methodz joins TK.png Team Kaliber
Curse.png Curse Youth Methodz leaves Curse.png Curse Youth
March 31st
TK.png Team Kaliber Formal leaves TK.png Team Kaliber
TK.png Team Kaliber Theory leaves TK.png Team Kaliber
March 30th
COD-Champs.png Call of Duty Championship 2014 011st 1st Complexity.png compLexity 022nd 2nd NV.jpg EnVyUs 033rd 3rd Optic.png OpTic Gaming
March 26th
Justus.png Justus Tipsy leaves Justus.png Justus
March 23rd
Curse.png Curse Youth Diabolic joins Curse.png Curse Youth
March 21st
VQ.png vanQuish Spacely and John will play with VQ.png vanQuish for the Season 2 Online Qualifier.
Curse.png Curse Youth Chino leaves Curse.png Curse Youth
March 20th
VQ.png vanQuish Miyagi and Enable leave Elevate.png eLevate to join VQ.png vanQuish. Miyagi is named team captain.
SSOF Gaming.png SSOF Gaming SSOF Gaming was disqualified from Call of Duty Championship 2014 COD-Champs2014.png
March 18th
Millenium.jpg Millenium Zayrox, ZylewR leave Millenium.jpg Millenium
Infused.png Team infused New roster for Team infused are JTee, Watson, Peatie, Momo.
March 15th
Curse.png Curse LV Killa leaves Curse.png Curse LV
March 14th
Epsilon.png Epsilon Youth New Roster For academy Epsilon: Epsilon.Youth roster( Carbon, Melo are now Epsilon.png Epsilon.Youth
March 13th
Elevate.png eLevate / eLevate.Black The former Saw.png Saw Competitive roster( Fatalize, Complex, Ghoster, & Felonies are now Elevate.png eLevate.Black
Justus.png Justus Gucci & Neslo leave Justus.png Justus .
Aware.png Aware gaming McGee & KyLee leave Aware.png Aware gaming .
March 11th
Denial.png Denial Denial.png Denial parts ways with PHiZZURP , TwiZz , NoXiDe , & Flawless
March 9th
COD-Champs.png Call of Duty Championship US Regional Final 011st 1st SB.png Strictly Business 022nd 2nd Complexity.png CompLexity 033rd 3rd TK.png Team Kaliber
February 25th
COD-Champs.png Call of Duty Championship 2014 Rosters are currently locked for COD-Champs.png Call of Duty Championship 2014
February 22nd
FuF.png Fearless Under Fire ZooMaa & NYC VeXeD leave FuF.png Fearless Under Fire .
February 20th
XfinityGaming.png Xfinity Gaming Tva.png Tva is officially Xfinity.png Xfinity.
February 18th
Sigma.png Sigma Sigma.png Sigma releases their entire roster.
February 17th
Orbit.png Team Orbit NSydia.png nSydia's roster of endurAAA, Jacko, BounCe, and Lewis leave to join Orbit.png Team Orbit
January 29th
Fear.png FeaR Asssass1nEmote.png ASSASS1N has joined Fear.png FeaR
January 28th
Fuse.png Fuse MoTii has joined Fuse.png Fuse
January 27th
Denial.png Denial NoXiDe leaves FuF.png Fearless Under Fire and joins Denial.png Denial
January 26th
Justus.png Justus NesloEmote.png Neslo to Join Justus.png Justus
Denial.png Denial eSports Asssass1nEmote.png ASSASS1N to be released from Denial.png Denial eSports
January 23rd
SB.png Strictly Business DedoEmote.png Dedo to join SB.png Strictly Business as they release FEARSEmote.png FEARS
Adversity.png aDversity Kozmo, DiabolicEmote.png Diabolic, and Groundser has joined Adversity.png aDversity
EnVyUs.png EnVyUs NamelessEmote.png Nameless has joined EnVyUs.png EnVyUs
Faze.png FaZe ProofyEmote.png Proofy has joined Faze.png FaZe
Saw.png Saw Competitive Folsom has been released from Saw.png Saw Competitive
TK.png EnVyUs GoonjarEmote.png Goonjar has left EnVyUs.png EnVyUs and has rejoined TK.png Team Kaliber
Faze.png FaZe NamelessEmote.png Nameless has been released from Faze.png FaZe
TK.png Team Kaliber NesloEmote.png Neslo has been released from TK.png Team Kaliber
TuquickEmote.png TuQuick, Whea7sEmote.png Whea7s, Pacman, & LoonyEmote.png Loony form Collapse
January 22nd
EnVyUs.png EnVyUs RamboEmote.png Rambo returns to competitive play with EnVyUs.png EnVyUs.
January 21st
EnVyUs.png EnVyUs ProofyEmote.png Proofy leaves EnVyUs.png EnVyUs and becomes a FA.png Free Agent.
January 20th
Elevate.png Elevate DiabolicEmote.png Diabolic to leave Adversity.png Adversity and join Elevate.png Elevate
EnVyUs.png EnVyUs StuDyyEmote.png StuDyy to leave Justus.png Justus and join EnVyUs.png EnVyUs
Optic.png OpTic Gaming ScumpiEmote.png Scumpi to leave EnVyUs.png EnVyUs and rejoin Optic.png OpTic Gaming
January 18th
FuF.png Fearless Under Fire NoXiDe, NYC VeXeD, TJHaly, and ZooMaa leave Fierce.png Fierce Competitive and join FuF.png Fearless Under Fire
Saw.png Saw Competitive Folsom, Fatalize, ComplexEmote.png Complex, and IntakeEmote.png Intake join brand new Saw.png Saw Competitive
Optic.png OpTic Gaming SaintsEmote.png Saints has left Optic.png OpTic Gaming and has rejoined SB.png Strictly Business
SB.png Strictly Business DedoEmote.png Dedo has been released from SB.png Strictly Business
TuquickEmote.png TuQuick forms team with Whea7sEmote.png Whea7s, Pacman, and LoonyEmote.png Loony
January 17th
Elevate.png Elevate EnableEmote.png Enable joins Elevate.png Elevate
January 16th
Tva.png Tva SinEmote.png Sin joins Tva.png Tva
January 15th
Faze.png FaZe NamelessEmote.png Nameless joins Faze.png FaZe
Justus.png Justus StainvilleEmote.png Stainville and StuDyyEmote.png StuDyy join Justus.png Justus
January 14th
FB.png Final Boss Royal2Emote.png Royal 2 gets released and AceEmote.png Ace joins FB.png Final Boss
Curse.png Curse LV RickyEmote.png Ricky has joined Curse.png Curse LV
Curse.png Curse LV NamelessEmote.png Nameless has been released from Curse.png Curse LV
SB.png Strictly Business DedoEmote.png Dedo, FEARSEmote.png FEARS, & ApathyEmote.png Apathy leave Fear.png FeaR to join CensorEmote.png Censor to make up the new SB.png Strictly Business line up.
January 13th
Fear.png FeaR DedoEmote.png Dedo, FEARSEmote.png FEARS, and ApathyEmote.png Apathy join Fear.png FeaR
SB.png Strictly Business ApathyEmote.png Apathy leaves SB.png Strictly Business
Curse.png Curse LV ParasiteEmote.png Parasite joins Curse.png Curse LV
Optic.png OpTic Gaming SaintsEmote.png Saints joins Optic.png OpTic Gaming
SB.png Strictly Business DedoEmote.png Dedo and SaintsEmote.png Saints leave SB.png Strictly Business
Optic.png OpTic Gaming MbozeEmote.png Mboze joins Optic.png OpTic Gaming
Faze.png FaZe MbozeEmote.png Mboze leaves Faze.png FaZe
Optic.png OpTic Gaming RickyEmote.png Ricky leaves Optic.png OpTic Gaming
January 12th
Curse.png Curse LV StuDyyEmote.png StuDyy leaves Curse.png Curse LV
Optic.png OpTic Gaming ParasiteEmote.png Parasite leaves Optic.png OpTic Gaming
Curse.png Curse Youth MethodzEmote.png Methodz, RealizeEmote.png Realize, ChinoEmote.png Chino, and AttachEmote.png Attach form Curse.png Curse Youth
Curse.png Curse NY MochilaEmote.png Mochila joins Curse.png Curse NY
Elevate.png Elevate ChinoEmote.png Chino and AttachEmote.png Attach have left Elevate.png Elevate
January 10th
Curse.png Curse NY RevanEmote.png Revan and Burns.png Burns join Curse.png Curse NY
Denial.png Denial eSports TwizzEmote.png TwiZz and Asssass1nEmote.png ASSASS1N join Denial.png Denial eSports from Curse.png Curse NY
Denial.png Denial eSports ComplexEmote.png Complex and JohnEmote.png John released from Denial.png Denial eSports
Curse.png Curse LV StuDyyEmote.png StuDyy joins Curse.png Curse LV
January 9th
TK.png Team Kaliber FormalEmote.png Formal joins TK.png Team Kaliber
Faze.png FaZe MbozeEmote.png Mboze joins Faze.png FaZe
Adversity.png Adversity Twisted and AccuracyEmote.png Accuracy leave Adversity.png Adversity
SB.png Strictly Business DedoEmote.png Dedo joins SB.png Strictly Business
Elevate.png Elevate ChinoEmote.png Chino joins Elevate.png Elevate
January 8th
Fuse.png Fuse StainvilleEmote.png Stainville leaves Fuse.png Fuse
Faze.png FaZe MethodzEmote.png Methodz is released by Faze.png FaZe
Fear.png FeaR DedoEmote.png Dedo leaves Fear.png FeaR
Justus.png Justus ChinoEmote.png Chino leaves Justus.png Justus
January 7th
EgirlSlayers.png Egirl Slayers EgirlSlayers.png Egirl Slayers disbands. RevanEmote.png Revan, MochilaEmote.png Mochila, Burns.png Burns, NexXxEmote.png NexXx are now FA.png Free Agents
Dare.png Dare PhazeEmote.png Phaze and MoTii leave Dare.png Dare
Justus.png Justus HeistEmote.png Heist leaves Justus.png Justus
Fuse.png Fuse Thing2Emote.png Thing 2 leaves Fuse.png Fuse
Fear.png FeaR FormalEmote.png Formal and CmplxEmote.png Cmplx leave Fear.png FeaR
Curse.png Curse LV ParasiteEmote.png Parasite leaves Curse.png Curse LV and joins Optic.png OpTic Gaming
SB.png Strictly Business FEARSEmote.png FEARS leaves SB.png Strictly Business.
Optic.png OpTic Gaming ClaysterEmote.png Clayster leaves TK.png Team Kaliber and joins Optic.png OpTic Gaming
EnVyUs.png EnVyUs ScumpiEmote.png Scumpi leaves Optic.png OpTic Gaming and joins EnVyUs.png EnVyUs.
EnVyUs.png EnVyUs RamboEmote.png Rambo moves from player to coach of team EnVyUs.png EnVyUs.
Elevate.png Elevate SlasherEmote.png Slasher is released by Elevate.png Elevate
January 6th
Fierce.png Fierce Competitive Bati.png Bati is now Fierce.png Fierce Competitive
TCM.png TCM MadCat joins TCM.png TCM
January 5th
UMG.png UMG Philadelphia 011st 1st Complexity.png compLexity 022nd 2nd TK.png Team Kaliber 033rd 3rd Curse.png Curse LV
January 4th
UMG.png UMG Philadelphia Four teams make it out of the Open Bracket and into the Championship bracket: Denial.png Denial and Curse.png Curse NY from Open Winners, Adversity.png Adversity and EgirlSlayers.png Egirl Slayers from Open Losers.
January 3rd
UMG.png UMG Philadelphia UMG.png UMG Philadelphia begins.
January 2nd
Conquer.png ConqueR‏‎ TuquickEmote.png TuQuick replaces Bloodz for UMG.png UMG Philadelphia
January 1st
Juked.png JuKeD Juked.png JuKeD forms for UMG Philadelphia
December 31st
Conquer.png ConqueR‏‎ Rizma subs for EgoEmote.png Ego for UMG.png UMG Philadelphia

The 3 Biggest Stories From Call of Duty Championships 2014 The 2014 Call of Duty Championships wrapped up in Los Angeles over this past weekend. 32 of the best teams from around the world competed over three days for a share of the $1,000,000 prize pool. While an event like this is always full of drama, three storylines really stood out: Complexity Does It Again: Now a trend all too familiar in the Cod community, it was the foursome from CompLexity Live that took home 1st place, $400,000, and the title of “World Champion”. Aches, TeePee, Crimsix, and Karma captured the organization’s third Ghosts victory of the year, and arguably their most dominant. With an overall map count of 24-4, including 11-0 in Domination, they cruised to 8 straight match wins, starting with three consecutive 3-0s over VexX Revenge, Team Orbit, and Real All-Stars to attain the number 1 seed in Pool B. Once into the championship bracket, they cruised through back-to-back sweeps of TCM Gaming and Xfinity. A 3-1 defeat of FaZe Pro in the Winner’s Bracket semifinals brought a matchup with OpTic Gaming. This time CompLexity found themselves with their backs to the wall, having lost an SnD in Round 11 as well as their first Blitz of the event. Down 18 points heading into the second side of Sovereign Domination, a well-balanced attack of 25+ kills each rallied coL to complete the comeback, which they finished off with a 6-0 blowout on Warhawk SnD, led by Crimsix going 11-0. After advancing to the Grand Finals and a guaranteed $200,000, three maps was all it took for CompLexity Live to sweep Team EnVyUs and claim the World Championship. It is now the 9th victory in the last 10 events for coL, a victory that has cemented them in the pantheon of eSports history as one of the greatest teams of all-time. The Green Wall Returns: As it is every event, all eyes were on OpTic Gaming. The biggest brand in the industry is always the most hyped heading into any event, but the hype was magnified on the world scale. Starting the season with back to back T12-16 finishes at MLG Columbus and UMG Philadelphia, it had been a year to forget for most OpTic supporters. On top of that, the revolving door of team changes, unheard of for the team, was a cause for much uncertainty around the organization. Following the drop of JKap for Ricky, and the retirement of BigTymer, it was clear a new era was to begin for the Green Wall. However, most people probably pictured that era beginning with Seth “Scumpii” Abner, the thrilling 18 year old slayer, who shocked the Cod world with his departure for Team EnVyUs, and then his quick return without even playing another event. On top of that, the additions of Saints, Parasite, and Ricky, combined to play one in one total event (Ricky @ UMG Philly). Thus, Nadeshot, Scumpii, and the relatively new Clayster and MBoZe headed into Cod Champs confident but uncertain. After a 2-1 record in pool play, OpTic took the scene by storm as play began Saturday morning, 3-0ing heavy contender Team Kaliber, and defeating US Champions Strictly Business 3-2. Then a 3-1 defeat of the Australian surprise Trident T1 Dotters guaranteed OpTic Gaming a T3 finish. After going up on CompLexity Live 2-1, OG was unable to finish the job, and found themselves against brother team and rival Team EnVyUs for a spot in the Grand Finals. Despite being bounced from the tournament by nV, a top 3 finish with their usual flare for the dramatic showed the world that OpTic was back.

Trident T1 Dotters Pull Off Major Upsets: The Australian team of Trident T1 Dotters was definitely the biggest surprise of the Championships, finishing in 5th place and taking $70,000 dollars home down under. It was already a big upset for Denz, Issei, Chilean, and Damage to get to Los Angeles, as they rallied to make a loser’s bracket run to qualify, and then defeat favorite and powerhouse Team Immunity in the Australian and New Zealand Championships. Once in LA, they made their first splash with a 3-2 upset of NA team FaZe Pro. After starting out down 1-0, it looked as if it would be another American romp. But T1 answered with what became their staple all weekend: a dominant and unorthodox Search and Destroy approach that gave them a 6-3 win, led by Chilean’s impressive 13-8 performance. This big map win contributed to their 6-1 SnD record for the event. After dropping the Blitz, they came back to win Sovereign Domination 159-142 thanks to a 27-21 from Damage, along with 7 captures. Game 5 was all Chilean again, going 12-8 to with SnD 6-4 and emerge from Pool Play with a Top 8 seed in the Championship Bracket. Once into the Championship Bracket, Trident T1 really started to make some noise with two huge wins, a 3-1 over Vitality Returns and a 3-2 over Rise Nation, to secure T6 and a matchup with OpTic Gaming. Unfortunately for T1, this was where the road began to end, a 3-1 loss to OG set up a Loser’s Bracket semifinal matchup against white hot Team EnVyUs, winners of six straight maps, who promptly extended that streak to 9 with a 3-0 sweep. T1 were able to win the rematch with FaZe Pro in the 5th place game, securing $70,000 dollars and bringing serious spotlight to the Australian and New Zealand eSports scene. Hopefully Trident T1 Dotters can take this momentum and turn it into a string of worldwide success.

With another successful Call of Duty Championships, look to see new storylines emerge in the upcoming MLG Winter Invitational Finals at PAX East (April 11th-13), UGC Niagara (May 2nd-4th), and MLG Anaheim (June 20th-22nd).</noinclude>
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Gfinity III
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MLG Championship Anaheim
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UGC Niagara
Insomnia 51
Gamers Assembly 2014
Gfinity Pro League COD Ghosts 2014
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MLG Pro Circuit Season 1
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Call of Duty Championship 2014
Call of Duty Championship US Regional Final
COD League.png
COD League Playoff Winter
2/8/2014 & 2/9/2014
Gamers For Giving 2014
2/1/2014 & 2/8/2014
Call of Duty Championship US Online Qualifiers
01/20/2014 - 02/07/2014
Call of Duty Winter Invitational
UMG Philadelphia
MLG Pro Circuit.png
MLG Fall Championship